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Delegate Training

Governance & Operations



1. The act of governing; exercising authority; “regulations for the governing of an organization.”

2. The persons (or committees or departments etc.) who make up a governing body and who administer something; “he claims that the present administration is corrupt”; “the governance of an association is responsible to its members”; “he quickly became recognized as a member of the establishment”.

Board of Directors

Manage the council’s affairs. Make council-wide plans, policy decisions and review operations. Establish committees and approve appointment of key personnel. Elected by the members of the council.

Board Development Committee

Prepare slate of nominations for officers, board members, board development committee, and national council delegates. Elected by the members of the council.

Board Committees and Task Groups

Advise board on plans, policies in own area of work. Serve as a resource to board, other committees, service unit and staff. Carry out parts of the plan of work as delegated. Appointed by the board of directors.

County Delegates

Review goals of council. Consider items to be referred to board for action. Elect council delegates. Nominate county convener. Elected by the members of the county.

County Delegate Convener

County Delegate with added responsibility to be county liaison with the Board Vice Chair for Delegates Elected by the members of the county.



1. The performance of a practical work or of something involving the practical application of principles or processes

2. a : the quality or state of being functional or operative <the plant is now in operation> b : a method or manner of functioning <a machine of very simple operation>

Chief Executive Officer

Responsible to provide advice and assistance to the council, the board of directors, the officers and committees. Authorized to employ and release staff in accordance with policies adopted by the board and is the administrator of the total operations of the council.

Employed Staff

Under supervision of the Chief Executive Officer, provide professional advice and assistance to volunteers and carry out work delegated to staff by board through council goals, objectives, and action steps.

Delegate Membership Body

Responsible for Girl Scouting in the council, to elect officers, board of directors, board development committee, and national council delegates. Determine general lines of direction for Girl Scouts in the council. Amend Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws as needed. Composed of delegates, board members and board development committee members.

County Constituency

All registered members of the Girl Scout Movement, 14 years of age or older in designated geographic area.