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Grade Level Support

Investiture Ceremony

An investiture ceremony is held when one or more persons join Girl Scouting for the first time. The girl or adult who is being invested will: (1) say the Girl Scout Promise, (2) receive her Daisy Girl Scout membership pin, and (3) be welcomed into Girl Scouting. Following are some sample ideas that may be used for a Daisy Investiture Ceremony.

Leaders can call girls up one at a time to give them their pins and welcome them into Girl Scouting with the Girl Scout handshake. Each girl may say her Promise or wait until all girls are pinned and the whole Troop says the Promise together.

Ideas for ceremonies

Daisy Girl Scout Poem

Leaders can read the following as a way of introducing the troop

The daisy is a flower,
As pure and white as can be.
Juliette Low as a Daisy,
She started Girl Scouting, you see.
And now the time is near
When the girls who are here
Will turn into a Daisy,
And bloom for one whole year.

A Daisy Acrostic

Girls hold up a card on which one letter is printed. Each girl can step forward as she says her part for her letter.

D Daisy Girl Scouts are we
A Always ready to be
I In our Troop this Year
S Serving others far and near
Y You soon will see
S Scouting is the place for me

A Daisy Chain

Each girl holds a strip of paper that has her name on it and can be decorated by the girls in their Troop meeting. Leaders also have one.

Leader: Who is ready to become a Daisy Girl Scout?

Girls: We are

Leader: Can you say your Girl Scout Promise?

Girls: Yes, we can. (Recite Promise)

Leader: Will you be part of a Daisy Chain?

Girls: Yes we will

Leader: We will make it true and strong, to keep us together all year long.

Leader joins the ends of her paper strip together, then calls girls up one at a time to join their paper strips and receive their pins, and welcomes them into Daisy Girl Scouting.

Promise and Law Daisy

A large yellow circle is placed in the middle of the floor with the words ―Promise and Law‖ written on it. White Daisy petals are placed around the yellow circle. On each petal is written the name of each girl going into Daisy Girl Scouting. The green stem attached to the yellow circle provides the path that the Leader walks on as she goes to stand in the middle of the circle. Girls are called one by one from the petal where they are standing into the circle with the Leader. After repeating the Girl Scout Promise with the Leader, each girl is presented with her Daisy Girl Scout pin and Daisy Girl Scout Beginning Certificate. She then returns to her place on the petal.