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Grade Level Support

Girl Characteristics

Question: What are Daisy Girl Scouts like? What should I expect?

Answer: A Daisy Girl Scout is full of energy and is developing physically and mentally. They are learning how to interact with a group but may blame others for their mistakes. A Daisy Girl Scout:

  • Is developing language and the use of symbols
  • Often questions the whys and wherefores of her surroundings
  • Learns by doing, experiencing, and playing
  • Needs to play, play, and play
  • May want to do things herself to bolster her growing independence
  • May be purposeful, friendly, and helpful
  • May sometimes blame others for her mistakes
  • Is family oriented
  • Is developing the ability to play with siblings, especially younger ones
  • Can engage in group discussion
  • May work in cyclic bursts of energy
  • Eye-hand coordination is maturing
  • Needs to experience her environment through all her senses