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Grade Level Support

Communication Skills for Girl Scout Leaders

Communication is key for any Girl Scout Troop. It is important so both the girls and leaders are able to express their feelings and ideas. When Girl Scout Leaders model effective communication skills, the girls will also develop those skills. These are some communication skills that leaders should use when interacting with the girls to be a role model, and to effectively communicate with the girls.

Help girls deal with their feelings

  • Listen quietly and attentively
  • Acknowledge their feelings with a word “Oh I see”
  • Give the feeling a name “You sound frustrated”
  • Give the child her wishes in fantasy “I wish I could make the banana ripe for you right now”
  • Encourage the use of words and discourage certain actions “I can see how angry you are with Gina. Tell her what you want with words, not fists.”

To engage a child’s cooperation

  • Describe what you see, or describe the problem
  • Give information
  • Describe what you feel

Instead of punishment

  • Express your feelings strongly without attacking character
  • State your expectations
  • Show the girl how to make amends
  • Give the girl a choice
  • Take action
  • Problem-solve

To encourage and empower girls

  • Let the girls make choices
  • Show respect for a child’s struggle
  • Don’t ask too many questions
  • Don’t rush to answer questions all the time
  • Encourage girls to use sources outside the Troop and home
  • Keep it positive

Praise and self esteem

  • Give positive praise
  • Describe the positive behavior
  • Describe how you feel

To free girls from playing roles

  • Put girls in situations where they can see themselves differently
  • Let girls overhear you say something positive about them
  • Model the behavior you’d like to see
  • Be a storehouse for the girls special moments
  • When the girl acts according to the old label, state your feelings and expectations