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Grade Level Support

Girl Characteristics – Program Do’s and Don’ts

When planning activities and programs for Junior Girl Scouts there are some dos and don’ts. Knowing these do’s and don’ts will make activities and programs successful and fun, yet challenging for the girls providing them with the opportunity to learn and try new things.


  • Provide opportunities to think and plan
  • Have physical activities
  • Allow for flexibility in performance
  • Give them chances to make new friends
  • Encourage them to explore
  • Let them make the rules
  • Allow them to repeat what they enjoy
  • Give opportunity to work with peers of choice
  • Provide leadership roles
  • Allow for flexibility
  • Give opportunities to try new things


  • Give complicated directions or projects
  • Schedule activities for them all the time
  • Expect the same result from everyone
  • Force girls to take part in every activity
  • Prescribe the program yourself
  • Do what you think they will like
  • Force them to work with girls they don’t like
  • Leave them out on a limb
  • Plan activities they consider “babyish”