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Grade Level Support

Girl Characteristics

Question: What are Junior Girl Scouts like? What should I expect?

Answer: A Junior Girl Scout is full of energy and is developing physically and mentally. They are learning how to interact with a group but may blame others for their mistakes. A Junior Girl Scout:

  • Learning physical skills necessary for the games and physical activities highly valued in childhood
  • Developing concepts necessary to everyday living
  • Developing positive attitudes and habits toward care of the body,
    cleanliness and safety
  • Achieving personal independence
  • Developing fundamental skills in reading
  • Learning to get along with children of the same age
  • Developing conscience, morality, and a scale of values
  • Beginning to develop an image of begin a girl in today’s society
  • Developing social attitudes toward groups outside of the family
  • Has a high energy level
  • Tends to play until exhausted
  • Good manual and manipulative skills
  • Is active
  • Begins physical change
  • Good hand/eye coordination
  • Prefers silent reading
  • Shows an increase in attention span
  • Can make up her mind easily
  • Special talents begin to appear
  • Is influenced by TV and radio