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Grade Level Support

Tips to Help Build a Partnership with Girls

Connecting and developing a partnership with the girls in the troop is important to make Girl Scouting the best experience for them. In order to do so a leader should be ready, willing, and able.

Leaders should be ready to

  • Display attitudes of trust, acceptance, and support
  • Dare to try new ideas, to compromise, and to initiate change
  • Share with girls the information needed to do the management job

Leaders should be willing to

  • Treat girls as individuals with unique contributions
  • Seek out girls opinions, feelings, needs, and desires
  • Listen, observe, exchange opinions, and reserve judgment
  • Allow girl to make mistakes and learn from them

Leaders should be able to

  • Communicate clearly and honestly
  • Recognize and take steps to overcome prejudices about young people
  • Improve your management skills and share them with girls